Below you will find venue’s procedure that must be abided by if you wish to attend ANY event at the Giant Center.

The following items are NOT allowed, so please do not bring these on site as you may be asked to leave and any items found will be taken away; Weapons of any kind, glass bottles, cans, hard-sided coolers, thermoses, any open containers. The only exception for this rule is baby bottles which will be accepted.

If you wish to bring a Camera on site, please read the following rules:
No Video recording devices are allowed, if you are professional videographer you must talk directly to the venue before hand and arrange this with them.

You are however allowed to bring in a normal digital camera or your cell phone to take photos, however this does not include detachable lenses, or cameras with an attached lenses of more than 2.5×3.0. Any other equipment will NOT be allowed in.

This camera policy may change based on the type of event that is taking place, for example some performers may make special requests, this will be sign posted on the day.